Why Teak?

The Best Material on the Planet

Tectona Grandis For centuries, teak has been renowned for its amazing strength and durability, especially concerning outdoor conditions. This wood, known to the scientific community as Tectona Grandis, contains natural oils and silica which are responsible for it's low maintenance properties, allowing it to be known as the wood that lasts longer than any other. These natural oils repel moisture, sealing the wood and preventing the rot and decay inherent to most other wood types. Another beneficial property is that it contains a natural insect repellent, in turn safeguarding it from pesky wood boring insects such as carpenter ants or termites. Overall, products made from this wood have the luxury of remaining maintenance free. Genuine Teak does not even require indoor wintertime storage. The durability is so great that it was used as the deck material in World War II warships and submarines. All of these characteristics make it obvious why Tectona Grandis would make the absolute best outdoor furniture known to man.

Highest Quality Furniture in the Industry

Costa Rica
Not only is our furniture made from the best material in the world, it also flourishes the best craftsmanship and expertise from seed to seat. Our Pennsylvania based manufacturer Diamond Teak, with whom we enjoy close relations, owns and runs the Costa Rican plantations where trees are grown from seed employing professional pruning and thinning techniques in order to ensure the highest FEQ (First European Quality) lumber. From there, raw materials go to the sawmills and kilns in preparation to be made into the best outdoor furniture on the market, and all still under the ownership of the environmentally conscious company Diamond Teak.

Smoothest Finish Among Outdoor Furniture

Smoothest Finish Diamond Teak strives with its high standards to be at the top of its industry, and does so without argument. The smooth finish of our outdoor products, smoother than any other wooden patio furniture, is an all natural, hand sanded finish that is so fine that even the pores are sealed. This increases the life of our products, and since each item comes fully assembled using the best adhesives and stainless steel fasteners, absolutely no maintenance is required. The attractive golden color of the grain weathers to a beautiful silver, although if desired, an annual Simple Green cleansing will prolong the golden hue. Diamond Teak uses absolutely no teak oil, a finish used by competitor companies to disguise the impurities of cheap, defective wood.

Environmentally Conscious Forestry

Deforestation Unlike some Asian based furniture companies, you can be sure that Diamond Teak operates under a high level of morality.  Environmentally, as well as regionally conscious, Diamond Teak employs many natives of Democratic Costa Rica and does not contribute to the destruction of the rainforest, verified by the Rainforest Alliance’s Smartwood program. In fact, they have reforested over 150,000 trees and supports local Costa Rican schools with midday meals, desks, and materials for repair and maintenance. All Employees are treated with the utmost humane respect, and nowhere does the company employ children to work in harsh sweat-shop conditions. Of all the reasons to choose our products, this is the most important. So do the world a favor, help save it by choosing products from TeakPlanter.com.