Plastic Planters and Accessories

Enhance the look of your home and create amazing curb appeal with Mayne window planter boxes. With four styles and a variety of colors to choose from we certainly have a solution that’s just right for your home. These window boxes are molded with high grade vinyl and polyethylene which are beautiful and maintenance free. You’ll have years of enjoyment with no need for painting or staining. Create a warm and inviting feeling with a touch of traditional charm.

Mayne patio planters will transform your property into a personal retreat with outdoor flair. Have the look of wood without the upkeep with our high-grade polyethylene planters. Long-lasting beauty, durability and quality make our planters the logical choice. A built-in water reservoir encourages healthy plant growth by allowing plants to practically water themselves

  • Constructed from High Grade Vinyl/Polyethylene
  • Beautiful and Maintenance Free
  • Creates a Warm and Inviting Feeling
  • Long-lasting Durability and Quality
  • Enhances the Look of Your Home
  • No Need for Painting or Staining

Mayne patio planters (with the exception of our Westport wood model) are roto-molded using high quality polyethylene. The resin includes built in UV inhibitors offering long lasting protection from the elements (products won’t yellow or discolor).

To maximize the efficiency of the sub-irrigation system and encourage healthy plant growth we recommend the following steps:

  1. Pour water directly into the Planter to fill the reservoir. Allow the excess water to pour out the overflow hole.
  2. Next, add a couple of inches of lightweight filler. This is optional but it reduces the amount of potting mix required, encourages faster root growth down into the troughs, and decreases the overall weight of the planter making it easier to move around. Some suggestions for lightweight fillers include Lava Rock, Packaging Peanuts, and Perlite.
  3. Fill the planter with a potting mix to within a couple inches of the top. Regular garden soil is not recommended since in compacts too easy and doesn’t allow for proper aeration or drainage.
  4. Start Planting and enjoy!
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Statesville Mail Post in Black

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The Statesville Mail Post has clean, uncluttered lines and timeless detailing.