About Us

Teak from Seed to Seat - Furniture and Planters with Ethical Undertones

Here at TeakPlanter™, we are not only proud of our products, such as our Teak Planter Boxes and our Outdoor Teak Furniture, we are also very proud of the ethics involved in bringing these top-of-the-line items into existence.

Unlike other teak furniture retailers, we simply will not tolerate manufacturer practices which prove detrimental to the precious planet that nurtures us. All of our teak planters and teak furniture, in fact all of our products, have been painstakingly grown from seed in an effort to not only avoid deforestation but also to promote reforestation, further protecting an intricate ecosystem. And since our teak is grown from seed, the ability to produce high-quality materials is greatly enhanced.

An experienced team specializes in monitoring and nurturing the healthy growth of what is to become some of the best material in the world for manufacturing outdoor teak furniture and planter boxes. This is so very important to us, as we feel that we could not claim such a high quality teak furniture product unless that product is made from only the highest quality materials. Once our quality standards have been reached, the task of creating beautiful teak furniture is place on our experienced and qualified, ethically employed craftsmen.

Another thing we will not tolerate here at TeakPlanter™ is the tendency for teak furniture manufacturers to employ sweat shops as their labor force. When we say we wish to protect and preserve our delicate ecosystem, we include humankind in our good intentions. All those employed are employed and paid in a just manner, and are treated with integrity and dignity. We know how important a happily motivated team of craftsmen can be. Growing the best materials is meaningless without an experienced crew to transform them into inspiring works of teak furniture.